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Meet the team behind Fred n Friends!

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A bit about Angela:
  • Angela created the Fred ‘n’ Friends picture book series whilst taking Fred on one of his many walks around the Northamptonshire countryside.

  • She started to wonder just what did Fred get up to when his owners were at work?

  • Angela graduated from the Plymouth College of Art and Design in 2000

  • She is also the creative director for S.C.Agency


A bit about Stephanie:
  • Stephanie lives in Plymouth with her husband Michael and their dog Alfie

  • (Alfie makes an appearance in book three – A Canal Adventure!).

  • Prior to retirement, Stephanie worked for Waterstones bookshop for 25 years.

  • Stephanie’s favourite past time is to read the latest Fred ‘n’ Friends book to her grandchild, Niamh.


The star of the show!

  • Fred is a miniature dachshund (sausage dog) and is the inspiration behind Fred ‘n’ Friends

  • Throughout the series, Fred meets all sorts of friends including a mouse, bird, crab and even a turtle!

  • He encounters lots of problems along the way, but always comes to the rescue and saves his friends.

  • Keep up to date with Fred’s adventures and latest competitions by liking his facebook page below.

What has Fred been up to?

Check out his antics below!


Northants Library Tour Day 2

9:25am We started the morning at Abington and as we approached, we saw an eagerly awaiting swarm of children at the Abington library! We managed to get inside and set up, which mainly meant Fred having a bowl of water. We then started the fun and games and Fred led the way with colouring in!


Northants Library Tour Day 4

10.30am and it's a slightly later start for the team. First up is Long Buckby and Fred bulldozers his way into the library! I think he knows what to do now!More readings and handing out of bookmarks occur and Fred enjoys a nice big chilled bowl of water specially prepared for him.

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